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101 Wedding Craft

Ever since me and my fiance have been planning for our wedding in early December, I started dabbling with some DIY items. One, it helps to save costs. Two, it’s unique and you can personalize it any way you want.

Made my own ang pao (red packets) boxes. It is traditional and more common in Chinese weddings for the couple to receive ang pao from invited guests than wedding gifts as the monetary value is used to cover the cost of the reception or banquet or both:

My boxes are Bride & Groom-themed. Didn’t manage to take a final final image of the boxes as the surface of the lids are painted (gold for the Bride & silver for the Groom). We’re having a church wedding and this is perfect for us as the church doesn’t provide us with any ang pao boxes.

Need to know HOW to DIY the above ang pao boxes? Pm me for details or leave a comment on my wall. I do also take orders. Pre-orders will take about a week and estimated delivery time (international shipping fees may apply) about 11-20 business days.

As we countdown to our upcoming big day, there were so many loose ends to tie up. For example, we have been wanting to get a jeep for our wedding car but so far, we haven’t any luck (even from the forums!!). Miraculously out of the blue, a kind owner did approach us and got ourselves a wrangler for the wedding! There is, of course a professional jeep rental company in Singapore but it was not cost efficient for us (used the extra $ we saved from the jeep to buy better wedding favors, spare cash for the bridal flowers, etc) and the fact that self-drive is compulsory made it less appealing.

It’s so much fun to personalize your own wedding in little ways, such as designing and making you own ring cushion. Our theme for the wedding is purple and it’s such a great theme to work with as many items are available in purple. It was also easy to match with gold or silver (for a more wintery or regal look) or olive green (for autumn weddings) or yellow (for summer weddings or tropical/exotic themes). The below was the ring cushion I made:

Usual ring-bearing cushions adorn roses so instead I used orchids (made from plastic). Initial idea was to get silk orchids but due to time constrain (silk flowers are really rare in Singapore and not to mention exorbitantly overcharged!!), so had to improvise. The placement of the ribbons are slightly off-centered so that the rings will sit in the center. I do take orders for the above design (or with different ribbon colors and matching orchid/other flora to customize ring cushion designs as well, feel free to pm me for details if interested.

…and on an ending note: Congratulations to all December and 2010 couples and hope you all have as much fun as we did planning for our wedding^-^Wishing you all eternal marital bliss!

Sundown @ Changi Boardwalk

Photo: Courtesy of 36 Frames. image subjected to copyright.

Note: this posting is located in Singapore


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