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8. Creating a blog: Reflections

Posted on: September 20, 2009

From prior to creating this blog to the blogging process, doing research for my blog postings and customizing the layout, has taught me to acquire publishing skills and lots of patience.

Such as applying theoretical tools to practical use in my blog entries. For example, Parker (1990, pp. 1-21) illustrates how to create positive layouts through a simple guide. For example, the points I found helpful was experiment, consistency, direction and contrast. This is demonstrated in my posting on Classification of Blogs.

The elements that help to create visual presentation on online platforms is constantly evolving. However, the fundamental concepts do not change. Parker (2003, p.  265-293) illustrates the design considerations from moving print to web format.

For example, Parker (2003, p. 273) highlights the problems that occur with web documents. Such as to avoid overcrowding the webpage with text. This is demonstrated in my blog postings by inserting pictures in between the text to ease the eyes.

Thus, the blog has helped me learnt more about the issues in publication and design in a creative manner. I have also learnt being a blogger, comes with social responsibility by providing information that is accurate and credible.





♥ Parker, Roger C, 1990, Looking Good in Print: A guide to Basic Design for Desktop Publishing, Ventana Press, Chapel Hill NC, viewed on 20 September 2009, <http://p8080-;

♥ Parker, Roger C, 2003, Looking Good in Print, Paraglyph Press, Scottsdage, Ariz, viewed on 20 September 2009, <http://p8080-;


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